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Grace is a perfectionist from the suburbs of NYC. Grace is an optimist. She is smart, polite, and incredibly organized. As an aspiring broadcast journalist, Grace works as a personal assistant to a world news correspondent. Unfortunately, her boss' constant demands and odd hours don't allow much time for dating. Despite this, her expectations for love remain exceedingly high; it's like she's been waiting for Prince Charming or The Bachelor to sweep her off her feet! Well, it's been a long 26 years of waiting... Now, with the advice and support of her wacky BFF, Chloe, Grace, who has NO game, is dipping her toes into the world of dating - online and IRL. Until she makes a connection you'll find Grace in her Lululemons, drinking wine, swiping right, and catching up with her DVR on Friday night's. 



Chloe is a bit of a wreck-less free-spirit from Chicago. Raised by two gay dads, she gets her thrills from unsuccessful tinder dates and lots of wine on the couch watching trashy TV with her best friend, Grace. Chloe is a notoriously ugly eater of all things horrible for you - doughnuts, pizza, etc. She is ballsy, confident, and always speaks her (unfiltered) mind. Chloe is, ironically, a babysitter, even though she doesn't want any children herself. Despite that, she is hilariously good with children. Chloe is often flannel clad, never brushes her hair, and usually has some vestiges of last nights makeup smeared under her eyes. We wouldn't say she is lucky in love, but she is certainly lucky in one-night stands with all the wrong guys. She sure is wild!


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Our Story

Grace and Chloe first met as extras on the set of some random web series that paid them nothing to act like the West Village residents that they are. They showed up in the same outfit and bonded over their love of comedy. A few months later, they met again in a Character 101 class at UCB where it became pretty clear that they both loved fart jokes and had a sick addiction to the Bachelor/ette franchise. Over a glass of rosé one summer day after class, Dating My TV was born. Grace and Chloe have been writing, producing, performing, and filming sketch comedy in NYC since May 2015.


Grace L. Kelly

Grace is a NYC based actor, writer, and producer. Scouted by a talent manager at age three, Grace has always had a passion and desire to perform. When not on set, Grace lives the life of a glamorous single gal in NYC. She enjoys lounging in her pajamas, binge watching TV series and movies, and sweating at the gym... all the activities that inspired the "Dating My TV" web series! Grace's recent credits include "The Wedding Play" (Williamstown Theatre Festival) and "Noise" (Indie Short). SAG-AFTRA.

For more information about Grace, please visit: www.gracelkelly.com

Chloe Elizabeth Lewis

Chloe is a Chicago born actor, improvisor, writer, producer... and professional doughnut eater. Chloe recently finished an editorial internship at College Humor, where she was paid to write fart jokes. She is a member of the advanced study program at Upright Citizens Brigade. She has appeared in several TV shows including: "Mysteries of Laura," "Scorned: Love Kills," "I Killed My BFF," and "My Dirty Little Secret." You can also see Chloe in "A Christmas Kiss" for Ion Television. MFA: New School for Drama. SAG/AFTRA.

For more information about Chloe, please visit: www.chloeelizabethlewis.com


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